Our Process

Our Process

Simple Effective Communication:
1. Discovery     2. Proposal (IPS)     3. Implementation    4. Review/Adapt

Every client has unique goals and expectations. Since Wealth Management is an ongoing process, and not a one time event we commit to a discovery process. The issues that surround tax, risk, health, legislation, family, retirement and legacy are constantly changing.

As a client you have nothing to lose by allowing us to assess your current situation. You will become more educated with the benefit of risk and costs analysis, and have an opportunity to reassess your goals. Our company has the most to lose in the discovery phase. We invest much money and time into this initial assessment. We want to make the value of our services obvious to you before we begin working together. It never hurts to review your current situation by seeking a second opinion.

The discovery process will identify your situation & goals:
We will assess your current financial situation through a risk analysis, cost efficiency, and review of assets in order to assist you in clarifying your future goals.  The series of consultations and analysis will allows us to profile your needs as well as show a comparison of your current approach to our proposal. You can prepare for our discovery meeting by completing these forms: 
Initial Discovery     Risk Tolerance    Suitability

Your Financial Plan:
The series of documents, goals, etc. which clearly define your current financial status and future goals become the basis for our recommendations.  Because of our background we define an implementation strategy.

This is a simple process that usually begins with account or policy applications followed by any transfers which may be necessary. Our clients are feeling of confidence in all plans is important and we strive to maintain an open dialogue to help you sleep well at night with the decisions you make.

Ever changing goals & factors motivate us to mmonitor & modify your plan:
We continually keep abreast of the factors that might affect your financial situation.  These events, both personal and global, which have an affect on your Financial Plan require regular updating of the plan in light of changing circumstances. At minimum, we recommend a review every 6-12 months.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

How are we compensated?

We will customize a compensation arrangement for each client based on services needed. All compensation arrangements will be discussed in the initial discovery phase. Because we focus on higher net worth clients, our compensation is extremely competitive.

Can I still work with my existing advisers?
Of course. It is not our goal to eliminate any competent member from your wealth management team. In the discovery analysis, we have a section dedicated to adviser assessment which allows you to assess your current relationships and prioritize the ones that are important to you.

Do you charge a fee on all my assets?
No, only on the assets we manage. Our philosophy is to receive proper compensation for the success of our endeavors. Where we add no value, we receive no compensation.

I have an existing estate and tax minimization plan that I have spent a great deal of money on - how can you improve upon my existing plan?

We have found that in many cases there is an existing weakness in these overall plans. This is uncovered during the discovery process, and illustrated for discussion and implementation.

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