Insurance Services

Insurance Services

Managing Risk
We utilize insurance as a tool for managing risk.  Obviously, you cannot use just one tool to build a house.  Likewise we use great care and discretion in selecting the right insurance policy tool to attain stated goals.  Through judicious use of insurance, we can manage risk and create stability. We want you to sleep well at night knowing what you can expect from next month and next year.

Since there are over 1,500 Life Insurance companies in the US, multiplied by many policy types within each company; there are a lot of choices.  We consult with the experts at Tarkenton Financial Services to assist us in pairing the right policy to strategic client goals. For example, some of our clients use a strategy illustrated in Patrick Kelly's book Tax Free Retirement (contact us for a copy) to create an income tax free retirement income as well as a death benefit that deals with probate costs and/or legacy inheritance. Other policies allow retirees to use 401k savings to create a pension like plan which guarantees monthly income without risk of loss. 

We're like most people who hate to spend money on insurance premiums, especially if you might not get it back in claims. That's why we diligently seek out efficient policy designs; and in some cases policies that guarantee return of principal, even with Long Term Care Insurance. Careful review and analysis of your current policies in our Discovery Process will allow us to make recommendations and proposals on how best to manage risk through insurance.

Insurance and Annuity product guarantees are subject to the claims-paying ability of the issuing company, and are not offered through Heritage Advisors nor Tarkenton Financial.

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