Employer Group Services

Employer Group Services

401k Retirement Services
New Department of Labor regulations effective 2012 have changed the rules of 401k.Get a second opinion in the form of a side by side comparison of fees and liability risk.
  • Required disclosure of fees to plan participants, like revenue sharing. 
  • Is your governance structure set up properly?
  • Have you documented that you understand the current fee environment and your own fees?
  • Have you benchmarked your fees in the last three years and documented the process results?
  • Have you benchmarked your investment structure in the last three years and your fund managers int the last year?
  • Whose advice can I trust?
  1. We have Transparent Pricing of all plan expenses. 
  2. Flexibility with open architecture platform of investments
  3. Global Financial Private Capital will help fulfill your duty as a fiduciary, and create a risk management system on stringent ERISA Standards.

Individuals, Family & Retiree Benefits plans:

Health Insurance
Medicare Supplements
Long Term Care Insurance

401k, 403b, 357 Rollovers
IRA, Roth IRA, Stretch IRA
Retirement Annuities
Life Insurance

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Group Benefits plans:
  • Health Insurance
  • Group Life
  • Short/Long Term Disability
  • Long Term Care

About AgentLink

AgentLink is a national wholesale brokerage agency supporting a network of more than 10,000 independent agents across the country. We were founded in 1991 on the realization that independent agents and small agencies needed a trusted partner to handle the time-consuming administrative and customer service tasks their business require, so they could spend their time prospecting, selling and building relationships with their clients.

We distribute a comprehensive portfolio of products and services from the most respected insurance carriers in the industry. In addition to providing administrative support and customer service solutions through our benefits and life areas, we offer group enrollment services

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